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i_01.gif Sew tape to fly brief1.gifMF-7700
i_02.gif Sew fly to front with tape brief2.gif36200U
i_03.gif Join elastic tape brief3.gifLK-1900BS LK-1900BF PM-1
i_04.gif Sew tape to cuff brief4.gifMF-7700
i_05.gif Sew elastic tape to waist brief5.gifMF-7800E10
i_06.gif Bartack side bottom brief6.gifLK-1900BS LK-1900BF PM-1
i_07.gif Crease brand label brief7.gifDDL-8700-7 DDL-9000BDS DDL-9000AMS DDL-9000BSS AMS-210EN-1306 PM-1
i_08.gif Sew side seam brief8.gif36200L100 36200U
i_09.gif Sew crotch seam brief8.gif36200L100 36200U