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i_01.gif Attach elastic tape to waist shortsmf.gifMF-7700E10
i_02.gif Counterstitch front lace center shorts_parts_02.gifDDL-8700-7 DDL-9000BDS DDL-9000AMS DDL-9000BSS
i_03.gif Attach front lace shorts_parts_03.gifLZ-2282N-7
i_04.gif Attach tag shorts_parts_04.gifLK-1903A MB-1373 MB-1377 PM-1
i_05.gif Attach crotch shorts_parts_05.gifMO-6714D MO-6714S MO-6914S
i_06.gif Attach elastic tape to leg hole shorts_parts_06.gifLZ-2280N LZ-2284N-7 LZ2290ADS-7 LZ-2290ASS-7 PM-1
i_07.gif Attach ribbon , Bartack side shorts_parts_07.gifLK-1903A MB-1373 PM-1