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i_01.gif Attach zipper to left fly trousers_parts_01.gifLH-3528A LH-3528A-7 LH-4128 LH-4128-7
i_02.gif Make belt loop trousers_parts_02.gif
i_03.gif Sew button to fly & hip pocket trousers_parts_03.gifLK-1903A MB-1373 MB-1377 MB-1800B
i_04.gif Serge front & back trousers_parts_04.gifMO-6700D MO-6700S MO-6900S
i_05.gif Sew eyelet buttonhole trousers_parts_05.gifMEB-3200SS MEB-3200TS
i_06.gif Bartack eyelet buttonhole end jeans_parts_09.gifLK-1901BSS PM-1
i_07.gif Sew belt loop to waist band y.gifMOL-254
i_08.gif Sew belt loop bottom trousers_parts_06.gifLK-1900AWS PM-1
i_09.gif Sew hip pocket welt to back trousers_parts_07.gifAPW-895 APW-896
i_10.gif Sew side trousers_parts_08.gifDDL-8700-7 DDL-9000BDS DDL-9000AMS DDL-9000BSS DLU-5494N-7 MH-481 MH-486-5